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 Introducing the Author - Bakshi Sidhu
Bakshi Sidhu is a certified primary school teacher with a degree in child psychology, a Masters in child development and director of two award-winning nurseries in London. She is also the loving mother of two boys, owner of Little One's Life Skills and author.
I may not have known it yet, but I was about to be dealt a blow that would change my life.
I had been teaching primary school for 10 years, and everything was going according to plan. I had earned my Master’s in Child Development while working my way towards a management position at the primary school.

While I loved my pupils dearly, I dreamt of having children of my own.

I thought parenting would come naturally to me, that my university degree meant that I understood what it meant to raise children.

Of course, I was mistaken. No one is ever fully prepared to become a parent.

When I finally had a child of my own, I wanted them to be safe and secure. Like every parent, I wanted my son to have the best childhood possible. I pictured the unbreakable bond between mother and child, and the life full of love that lay ahead of him.

What I didn’t know was that it’s not the same when it’s your child... 

Everything I'd learned at university went out the window and I was left feeling defeated.

No one tells you about the roller-coaster of emotions you experience when you hear your child crying, or the panic that rises in your chest when you feel they are in danger.

Because of this, I was not able to emotionally connect with my child. I could not experience the joys of parenting the way I had imagined I would. I felt like I was failing as a parent.

What made the situation worse was that I thought I would be good at this; I had a degree in child development and had practised with my students. I knew everything there was to know, in theory.

By stumbling, and constantly learning new techniques, I realised every child is unique. While one method may work for one child, it may not for work for another.

I got through the first 3 years with a new 'degree' in parenting, or so I thought...

Soon my son had to go to the nursery, and I was pregnant with my second child.

Being a teacher, I naturally thought that other teachers would be full of care and compassion, the same as I was. I trusted the teachers at the nursery to provide my son with the same attention I provided to my own students.

I couldn't have been more wrong. ..

Two weeks after my son started going to nursery, I got the shock of my life.

Everything seemed to be going well, until one day when my husband went to collect our son. When they returned home, my husband had a look of anger mixed with sadness on his face.

I looked at my son and anguish washed over me, I could tell he was upset. I looked back at my husband with a frown, impatient to know what had happened. I had no idea what would have caused them both to be so distraught at a preschool.

My husband told me that, when he arrived at the nursery, the teachers had asked him to stay back. They had then brought my son, who was looking at down at his feet, out to where my husband was waiting.
One of the teachers told my husband that my son had been “naughty” and had not been listening. She said they were going to put his name in their red book, a place where they wrote all the “naughty” things children had done during the day.

THE THING IS… He was still within his settling-in period; the time when the child is getting used to the teachers, and the new atmosphere, while adjusting to being away from parents for the first time.

The teacher then said to my son, who was still looking down, “Look at me when I am speaking to you.”

The next thing my husband told me shattered my heart. ...

The teacher put her fingers underneath my son’s chin and forced his head up to look at her. Tears of disappointment and embarrassment spilled down his checks.

The teacher had caused my child to feel ashamed of himself.

When I heard this, my heart sank, as if it were an anchor thrown into the rough seas, to stop a boat from being lost in the darkness.

My vision became blurry as my own eyes filled with tears.

Then, as if it was meant to be, something amazing happened...

My husband said in anger, “No child should ever be put in that situation! No parent should ever go through what I just went through! We should open OUR own nursery, a sanctuary for families that cares for all children and the parents alike!”

I raised my head and looked at my husband with new hope in my eyes.
It was now crystal clear to me what we had to do. I opened my mouth to speak and cried, “Let’s do it!"

Fours years later, we own two award-winning nurseries, where we have changed the lives of over 300 families and counting.

We were the first nursery to introduce Parent Care - caring for parents’ well-being - because we understood that being a parent is the toughest job anyone will ever have to do, but nobody teaches you how to be a parent.

When you are hired for a job, there is usually a three to the six-month training process. When you become a parent, you learn on the job, with practically no help or support.
You will struggle, questioning if what you are doing is right or wrong. When the advice you get from others doesn’t work, your depression increases, and you feel hopeless.
Despite the struggles you may face, being a parent involves a human life. It is a life or death situation, with you responsible for protecting your child’s well-being.
You must remember that every child is an individual and that just because something worked for one child does not mean it will work for your child. The best thing you can do as a parent is to keep trying until you find what is right for you and your family.
The reassurance that each child requires an individual approach gave our parents the hope they needed to continue doing their best for their children. We showed them that they had just gotten the wrong advice, from someone who doesn’t understand the unique factor of children.
We wanted to help parents outside of our nursery, as well. Parents that are looking for a new way to change their lives. But we didn’t know how.
We began teaching parenting workshops outside the nursery, but that consumed a lot of time and was not helping as many parents as we wanted.
So, we decided to change our name from Parent Care to Little One's Life Skills. Our mission is to put together as much information as we can, at the lowest price possible, to benefit and support parents.
Little One's Life Skills is changing the lives of many parents around the world, by supporting them through the toughest job they will ever have.
The knowledge I have learned from my failures and successes, as both a parent and a teacher, allow me to help improve the lives of families worldwide.
At Little One’s Life Skills, We Change Lives and Create Life Changers.
What Others Are Saying About The Book & Bonus Materials:
""Brilliant series of books from Little Ones Life Skills with the accumulation of knowledge from qualified nursery practitioners that has helped me with my knowledge about my child. I was so afraid of the unknown and researching the internet to find so many contradicting advice just got me further mixed up and upset. I am so blessed I found this series and purchased them."
Timothy Rynolds
"If you want accounting advice - you find an accountant, medical advice you find a doctor, if you want childcare advice you find a Nursery as they are all qualified at taking care of many children all at once (we find it tough with one!). Best series of books, valued at so much more than they are being sold for"
Sandra Wilson
"As a parent with the award winning nursery I can say I was truly amazed at the knowledge of all the staff. The parent community requested for these series to be made and the nursery delivered. Everyone within the nursery are overjoyed to have information that they can use that has been given by, in my opinion, one of the best nurseries in London."
Emma Hughs
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